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The Dark Fringe

All authors have their starting point and for me, THE DARK FRINGE is it.


 THE DARK FRINGE was inspired by the 1984 release of Giorgio Moroder's  version of the classic Fritz Lang directed METROPOLIS (1927).  Back then, METROPOLIS was a highly regarded science fiction film whose influence was readily evident in almost all science fiction films that followed it, including STAR WARS and BLADE RUNNER.

I was drawn to the idea of melding the science fictional "retro" futurism of METROPOLIS with the noir mysteries of the 1930's and 40's.  When the opportunity arrived and with the aid of penciller extraordinaire John Kissee, we adapted my story into this graphic novel format and released the book in four parts in the mid-1990's.  In 2003 I brought the work into one trade paperback and, once it was released, was contacted by the folks behind Platinum Studios (MEN IN BLACK, COWBOYS VS ALIENS) and the series was optioned for film.

Today, you can read the full DARK FRINGE story through the Kindle ebook format.  My very first "big" work remains, to this day, one of my favorites.

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