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Legacy of the Argus

The first major storyline in the saga of the CORROSIVE KNIGHTS comes to a stunning conclusion in LEGACY OF THE ARGUS!

After years of uneasy peace, rival Galactic Empires make a shocking discovery: Mysterious alien forces hidden within their territories have begun a deadly intergalactic war, and their vessels are far more sophisticated and deadly than any ship either Empire has. As their battles spread from one solar system to another, humanity itself is threatened.

Who is behind this war and why do they fight?

Discover the answer to these questions and the fate of the Independent B’taav, the Mechanic known as Nox, Becky Waters, and Inquisitor Cer. Uncover the secrets lying below the surfaces of distant worlds and in the deepest, darkest corners of the universe.

And when the fighting is over, you will know the LEGACY OF THE ARGUS.

LEGACY OF THE ARGUS is the seventh book in the suspenseful CORROSIVE KNIGHTS series.

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