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E. R. Torre's Art samples

Before going full time into writing, I spent a few years working for comic books as an inker (insert CHASING AMY quotes here).  Though viewed by some as nothing more than "tracing" penciled artwork produced by others, there is most certainly a skill associated with inking.  Here then are some of the works I produced during the 1990's and while working as an inker for independent comic book companies and, eventually, DC comics...

First up, some work produced for Brainstorm Comics.  They specialized in "R" rated vampire stories.  While many of the stories featured were not necessarily my cup of tea, I had a chance to work with some wonderful artists who would, in time, make their mark in the field of illustration.

While working as an inker, I found myself at times frustrated.  This is no reflection on the artists I worked with but rather the fact that my goal in life was to be a writer and as fun as inking was and as good as the results looked, I itched to dedicate time to writing my stories.  Before leaving inking behind (at least for now!) I managed, with the help of my penciller extraordinaire and friend Steve Scott, to land a few more jobs at DC Comics, one of the "big two" comic book publishers out there.  Bucket list goal accomplished!  These pieces below are from a role playing game.

As time allows, I'll search for an present a few more pieces.  For now, I hope you enjoy those presented above!

The artwork presented on this webpage is copyright Brainstorm Comics and DC Comics

Art Samples
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