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E. R. Torre is a writer/artist whose first major work, the mystery graphic novel THE DARK FRINGE, was optioned for motion picture production by Platinum Studios (MEN IN BLACK, COWBOYS VS ALIENS). At DC Comics, his work appeared in role-playing game books and the 9-11 Tribute book. This later piece was eventually displayed, along with others from the 9-11 tribute books, at The Library of Congress. More recently he released SHADOWS AT DAWN (a collection of short stories), HAZE (a murder mystery novel with supernatural elements), and COLD HEMISPHERES (a mystery novel set in the world of THE DARK FRINGE). He is currently hard at work on his latest science fiction-suspense series, CORROSIVE KNIGHTS, which features the novels MECHANIC, THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE ARGUS, CHAMELEON, NOX, GHOST OF THE ARGUS, FOUNDRY OF THE GODS, LEGACY OF THE ARGUS, and the just released TERMINUS ISLAND.

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